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Information for attorneys representing defendants in Tomball Municipal Court



(Revised 09/03/2015)

Letter of Representation: 

      A letter of representation is required. Once one is submitted, you will become the attorney of record on your client’s case until such time as the case is finally disposed of or you submit a written request to withdraw.

     If you have  Standing  Agreements with other Attorneys to Appear in your absence on behalf of your client, you must provide the names of all such attorneys in your letter of representation.


Requests for Reset:

      1.   A Motion for Continuance is required to be submitted:

            Appearance/Pre-trial Docket or Attorney Conference Docket – no less than 48 hours prior to the court date

            Trial Docket – no less than 5 calendar days prior to the court date      

      2.   Faxed copies will be accepted but the original must also be mailed to the court.

      3.   Each request for reset will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Court will balance the need for a reset based upon the legitimate time conflicts experienced by defendants with their jobs or attorneys with simultaneous court settings in other courts and the need of the Court to move its docket.

      4.   If the reset is granted, you will receive a letter notifying you of the new court setting. A summons will be sent to your client.


Court Appearances:

  1. As the attorney of record, you or an attorney listed on the letter of representation may appear for your client at an arraignment or attorney conference docket in order to discuss the case with the prosecutor, enter a plea and, if one is necessary as a result, obtain a reset without the defendant having to appear.
  2. The Defendant MUST appear at all Pre-Trial and Trial Docket settings.
  3. If you do not appear and the defendant does not appear for docket,and no continuance has been granted, a Failure to Appear charge may be filed against your client.


Posting an Attorney Bond:

      1.   In order to post an attorney bond, you must be on the approved Harris County Attorney list.

      2.   If the bond states that you are representing the defendant, the Court will treat this as a letter of representation and you will be designated as the attorney of record on the case.

      3.   The Court does not accept out of county bonds.